• carry me
    feeling the sand beneath me and looking out at the vastness that is the ocean, i take deep breaths and simply exist.
  • the ocean
    what a beautiful thing, the ocean. at first glance it’s just a body of water, a single shade, and the sounds of waves.
  • the countryside
    we sat there quietly watching the sun set into the line of trees. i remember this memory vividly. in that moment, i took a deep breath and wished that our time there could last forever.
  • to live
    i refuse to live a life short of passion, poetry, tears, breathless moments, a sense of adventure, love — my god, love. because what is life if not to embrace it and live in all that it is?
  • let this be mine
    every second minute hour or day that passes is another part of me that loses light. for a moment it seemed alright. you were there and it was still us. and i knew that at the end of all this i would eventually come home to you.


Glass Figures

Aug 2020

windows of a building or an entire street co-exist much like humans co-exist wherever they may be;

life continues to happen for each of us, and so it does through these windows.


July 2019

Water, in all its forms, speaks to me in different ways, in ways that words will never be able to give justice to. It ignites something in me that I thought was long gone. It pulls my entire being back to where it has to be.

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