untitled 2

whenever i look around me,
it’s pure chaos.
i don’t know where to turn, 
but i seem to always be moving, 
moving in directions, 
where i am told to go.

these things that surround me right now don’t feel right.
and i honestly don’t know if i will ever have the courage to turn away from them.
my heart aches for meaning.
my mind searches for clarity.
my soul begs for purpose.
nothing ever makes much sense to me, very few things do.

i look around me,
and there is you.

you, my love.
you, my light.
you, my sanity.

the world can push me in all the directions it wants,
but the moment i fall in your arms,
i’m untouchable.

i’m in your arms, and my heart is light.
i’m in your arms, and my mind is at peace.
i’m in your arms, and i am safe.