how a universe is made

i want to make a universe out of you

pick out all the times i saw the light in your eyes
and create stars out of them
drawing constellations from the way i trace lines with my fingers around your body
keeping the heat between us two when all we know are each other’s skin
this will be the same heat of our sun
when there is darkness and i reach out to you for light
this will be the same light of our moon
and the forces that come from your every laugh, cry, or shout
will be the same forces that will keep our universe alive

if only i could,
readily and wholeheartedly,
i would give you the sun, moon, and stars.

but i’ve come to realise that
we’ve created a whole universe on our own.

i look up to you as if
you carry the sun, moon, and stars.
but baby,
you are the universe we’ve come so far creating all on our own.

and this,
this is the universe i call my home.

— how a universe is made