The Airport Effect

Going somewhere unfamiliar has always been a challenge within the idea of itself. The very thought of leaving leaves us lonely and nostalgic, but there might have been some things that they forgot to tell you about leaving behind the familiar. 

You can never truly find what you are looking for in the midst of mindsets that urge you to stay within your comfort zone. There is a reason for that yearning you feel inside of you to get a taste of something you have never known before. And that is possibly why I get so enlivened in airports.

Everywhere you turn is a new and different story unfolding. There is that security guard who has worked in that terminal for more than half of his life watching people come and go. There is that airport employee manning the check-in counters deciding who you get to sit beside in an eight-hour flight. But more importantly, there is you. There is that traveler who chooses to leave home for a while to see what else this world has to offer; that same traveler who gave in to the desire to venture out to a certain city to see if what she has been feeling can be healed by the mere uncertainty of who you are going to meet or where you are going to end up.

You see, airports are actually just a small part of a grander thing happening for every person leaving. It does not tell you where you are meant to go, but it allows you to do exactly what you need to do. It gathers up the adventurers, courageous souls, and anyone who wants to find something that would deem itself significant.

The whole concept of finding yourself is sometimes overly fantasized by films, social media, or any form of literature. One thing is certain, you do not find yourself the moment you step out of that plane. And every so often, it is not mostly about the destination or end-point, but the journey you have taken to get there. “It’s the excursion that shapes us,” said Rebecca Sambursky.

It is the people you encounter, new places you go to, flavors you taste for the first time, art of everything you are witnessing, and feelings and emotions you face along the way. In essence, it is how you choose to respond to these things. 

Do not be too caught up with the fast-paced lives of most people. Learn to slow things down around you and notice the beauty, energy, and everything that lingers there. If you pay too much attention to the noise and distractions, you can miss it. That is why slowing down is so important because these moments of realization can fade away in a single second. And what you are going to find can be all sorts of life-changing sensations. You find yourself in those people, those moments, and those in-betweens, where you sort of have an epiphany; and all the dots will eventually start to connect.