the bare minimum

my thoughts are difficult to gather
my words are getting way too ahead of themselves to form the right thing to say
but there is no one right thing to say, is there?

when you’re around me
i lose myself
and whether or not this is a good or bad thing
i wouldn’t have it any other way

it’s a funny thing
when the doors close and you leave my side
i find myself back to the where i was in the beginning
my thoughts racing
my heart aching

my mind goes back to those quiet seconds
when all i feel is your
lips touching that soft spot on my neck
hands gently touching my back
soft breath moving against my skin
it pulls me closer in every way

now i’m left with thoughts of you with nothing to hold onto
stay with me and let me love you in every way

— you don’t know it, but you bring me to my knees just by doing the bare minimum