Mikaela Chu
Based in Manila, PH

I’m all about content ⏤ reading, writing, and curating it. I write for leisure as much as I do for work. As a writer, I lean more towards storytelling; capturing images, human experiences, and feelings. When I work with a brand, I like to focus on its core values or essence and translate it into a story that its target audience can relate to and openly engage with.

I strongly believe that behind every image, place, or thing is a story waiting to be told.



I have backgrounds in both creative and feature writing. I write poetry, prose, articles, and other forms of copy ⏤ all of which can be tailored to your brand’s needs.

Social Media

I manage content flow and write copy for captions on social media platforms of various brands. (Tools: Later)

Content Planning

I create and curate content for brands following a set marketing calendar or campaign. In line with this, I come up with weekly or monthly content marketing plans.


I create newsletters for brands based on angles I come up with. Crafting newsletters include writing copy and editing visuals. And depending on the brand, I work by a weekly or monthly newsletter calendar. (Tools: Photoshop, Canva, & Klaviyo)


Marketing Intern at Alba Manila

2020 – Present

I manage the brand’s Instagram account in terms of content flow and copywriting. I also create monthly content plans and newsletters based on the brand’s marketing calendar.

Writing Intern at WhenInManila.com

2017 – 2018

I wrote feature articles for partner establishments of the publication. I came up with angles and pitched topics to my editors, and I collaborated with photographers, videographers, and graphic designers.

Let’s make something together.