Glass Figures

windows of a building or an entire street co-exist much like humans co-exist wherever they may be;

life continues to happen for each of us, and so it does through these windows.


Water, in all its forms, speaks to me in different ways, in ways that words will never be able to give justice to. It ignites something in me that I thought was long gone. It pulls my entire being back to where it has to be.

5 Student Freelancers on Taking a Chance on Their Passions

There is no doubt that passion, in all its forms, is what leads to the progress and growth of an individual. Passion allows us to create art. In today’s time and age, art is an essential part of being human. It is what we live for and live by.

This Industrial Food Park in QC Serves Up Quality Time and Quality Food

Calling on all North people, there is a hip food park in your area that is waiting to be tried out. El Fresco is located in Project 8 of Quezon City.

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