the healing

weeks have passed

and here i stand

it’s been the fourth flight

the twentieth encounter with a new face

one too many destinations to count

and the healing goes on

i miss you

of course i do

and this will remain an unspoken truth

i love you

i always do

it’s something that will always live between me and you

but from a quiet distance

these will have to do



urban playground — catch the spirit of this generation and find yourself going up and down the streets of this urban playground


rustic reminiscence — breathe in the familiar as time stands still in this ever comforting town

san francisco;

canvas — let the vibrance and energy of this beautiful city fill the white space to create art as worthy as itself

los angeles;

city of lost angels — we may be lost but something about this sea of strangers makes us feel like we are a part of something

black & white

hidden tears and quiet questioning

of what no longer is

the consciousness of this comes and goes

the gray matter in between never existed with you

you made me shine my brightest, the sun would have been offended

and all the while

you made me feel my most vulnerable

the oceans have produced the strongest waves

the heavens have turned the most peaceful skies into unbelievable storms

and at one point 

i think mountains have been moved in the name of our love

and so

do you get my point about the gray matter not existing?

we’re either too caught up with our softest conversations in the middle of the night


we’re too busy setting this world into flames


i have the ability to cause mini explosions

brought about by feelings that i thought were long gone

like a small hand grenade

i was lit up — brought to life by your smile, your presence

i was thrown in the air — felt like i was flying at the touch of your hand

and the moment i hit the ground again,

i exploded — with every feeling and memory coming right before me

but unlike a grenade,

all the pain is coming off in the softest way possible

and the only casualty, however, was me